5 Major Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home

Varshaa Srikanth
Varshaa Srikanth / 6 yrs ago /

In life, there are always a few things we wish we had known about earlier. We often face this during the construction of our own house! The builder, the mason, the carpenter, the painter and even yourself. We all make mistakes. But how do we rectify them?

What are some of the things you should check before moving into a new house? Here are the answers:

HVAC- heating, ventilating, air conditioning system

It is very important to check the heating capacity of the heater, the ventilation vents and if there are any malfunctions in the air conditioning system. There could be fungal growth which you’re not aware of. Only after a mild foul smell do we realise that something is wrong with the air conditioning system.

Sometimes the heater and the cooler will be fitted with the same equipment and the air will be either too cold or very hot. It’ll vary between two extreme temperatures. So, before moving in, try out all the electrical appliances and fixtures. And, if you are a tenant or if you are buying the machines second hand, check the condition and the age of the HVAC systems.

Unique homes and exciting floor plans

Unique homes are cool. But, in order to build a unique house, don’t waste a lot of space. Also, mind the fact that too many storage spaces, just because you have a lot to store, will only make the room look cluttered.

The overall plan of your new house should factor in all the people who are going to stay in it. Consider your children, your parents and the amenities they will benefit from before building a house. You can talk to your builder about the plan and he may lay out certain features which can be appealing to you. There are plenty of builders in Bangalore who can make this work and who have enough experience to convert your idea into reality.

Lighting and colour-coordinating

It is very important to check your house during the day and the night. You will also feel satisfied if you check it out during the evenings and know the amount of light and air that enters the room. There should be an adequate amount of natural light passing the windows. It is beneficial for you if you don’t have any buildings cutting close to your house.

Have good led or tube lights if the building seems to be a bit gloomy. Yellow lights can be switched on during the evenings. This will add a subtle glitter o your house. Also, make sure you coordinate the colours in the room and make sure the room is not painted in bright neon colours like sky blue or fluorescent green. You can take the help of an interior designer to decide a good colour for your living room and your other rooms. You can either maintain the same colour code your builder suggests, throughout the house or change the colours for each room. But make sure your furniture compliment the colour you have painted your room.

Not taking builder’s view into thought

One common mistake we all make when constructing a house is not taking the advice of our builder. When the builder makes changes to your dream home’s plan, it will be for a reason.

When you draw a plan for your new house, ensure that you place the kitchen near the entrance. Look at model houses and Vastu Shastra (if you believe in it) before coming up with a plan. It will also be suitable to place the master bedroom far away from the entrance. This is because the room will be far away from the opening and closing of the door and there will not be any disturbances from the road when you’re having a sound sleep.

Rushing the building process

This is another common mistake buyers make. Rushing the builders will not only pressurise him but the result will also be a remorse. It is always sagacious to talk about the home plan only to your builder and not anyone else.

Apart from this, be sure that the end product will be better than what you had in mind. Trust your builder and do not lose excitement. Don’t rush anything and believe that everything is going at a good pace as it actually is!

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